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Ozone Insuria - Insurance Erp Software for brokers, designed and developed at par with the business specific....


About Insuria, Insurance Agency Management Software

Ozone Insuria- easy to use Insurance Brokers Management Software designed and developed at par with business specific demands of the insurance brokers/ agents.The key highlight of Ozone Insuria is in corporating day-to-day operations with seamless integration into the accounting module.Information on demand is the Base foundation on which Ozone Insuria is developed.Being a web based application, Ozone Insuria helps to analyze your business any time any where in the globe.

Insuria, Insurance Management System provides a powerful software tool for small, medium and large insurance broker houses, administrators to underwriting Managers. It is a fully automated system which keeps a uniform track of insurance brokerage transactions, accurate reports, Finance management, Human Resource management etc. Our Insurance Agency management software is highly efficient and enhances service by centralizing all agency activity, improves customer acquisition & retention. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, having vast knowledge of insurance domain making our Insurance Brokers Software best Insurance management software that boosts your Company’s growth.

Cloud/Server-based Interactive Insurance Brokers Software

Ozone Insuria is a cloud/server based Insurance Brokers ERP software that has a single server license which can incorporate unlimited users and branches. By implementing this software into your routine business operations, you can manage and monitor all your business centers – branch(s) / agency (s) – from any part of the globe.

To provide all necessary business information on-demand, this Insurance ERP software is structured with client-server architecture. To restrict application users who reach on your critical business information, you can implement access restriction policies. Also, Ozone Insuria generates robust MIS reports to evaluate business production and all these reports can be exported to PDF or MS Excel format.


Easy to interface :Ozone Insuria helps to manage the clients,policies and finance very easy.Our search filters are very powerful in getting information(s) on policies and customer related information at your finger tips.

User free licencing concept :Bundled as a single server licence,incorporating unlimited wsers and branches.

Strong information access restriction policies :System admin can specify strong access policies on user information access as to what pages can be accessed and what level of information can be accessed.This can be restricted to user as well as branch level information access.

Manage business from all branches under one roof :Mangement can now mange and monitor business from all branches/ locations from one place helping in business analytics/evaluation very easily

Robust MIS reports:Ozone Insuria has various MIS reports on business and finance which helps the core management team in evaluating the business performance to the minute level.

Debt collection and management made easy :Ozone Insuria's aging analysis reports gives a detailed insight into what is the outstanding from customers and what is being owed to the insurance companies.A detailed receivable statement generated from the system helps in your debt control and payable statement generated helps to keep a tab on the outstandings with insurance companies.

Operations/Process fully integrated with finance module:All the process and operations(Policy Registration,Renewal and Endorsement) is diractly integrated into the finance module.The process related invoices are auto generated helping finance department in managing the receipts and payments seamlessly


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